Technical Information Sheets

T-sheets are technical information sheets of variants, options or special versions with details that exceed the information of the data sheets. In particular cases, they describe a special instrument version.

T-Info Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges

T01-000-001 Instructions for Panel Mounting of RPG(G) 4½”- Process Gauges
T01-000-013 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges with Limit Switch Assemblies RPG 4½" or Oil Filled (RPGOe 4½")
T01-000-014 Construction and Overview of High-pressure Connections
T01-000-015 Pressure Gauges for Refrigeration Systems
T01-000-016 Overview of VCR®-connections to Pressure Gauges NCS 63 (2 ½")
T01-000-017 Pressue Gauge with Connection 7/16”-20 SAE for Hydraulic Application
T01-000-022 Can Puncturing Gauges
T01-000-028 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge RChG 100-3 / Overrange Protected with Special Scale
T01-000-032 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges RCh 63-3, RSCh 63-3 Connection Piece for Clamping Ring Fittings
T01-000-033 Overview of VCR®- connections (VCR® 9/16-18 UNF) to Pressure Gauges NCS 50 (2 “) RChg50 / RChE50, Bottom- and Centre Back Connection
T01-000-037 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Case and Bayonet Ring Carbon Steel Black Standard (RB) or Liquid Filled (RBG)
T01-000-038 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Bayonet Ring Case Carbon Steel Black, Standard (RB) or Liquid Filled (RBOe) with Limit-Switch Contact Assemblies
T01-000-039 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Bayonet Ring Case Stainl. Steel, Wide Ring (American Type), Standard (RCha) or Liquid Filled (RChaOe), with Limit-Switch Contact Assemblies
T01-000-041 SF6-Gas Density Monitor, Model RChgG100-3 with DIGPTM

T-Info Bourdon Tube Test Gauges

T02-000-001 Bourdon Tube Test Gauges MO 160, Steel Bayonet Ring Case, Coated
T02-000-002 Bourdon Tube Test Gauges MO 250, Steel Bayonet Ring Case, Coated
T02-000-003 Test Gauges Bourdon Tube Type Bayonet Ring Case Stainless Steel, American Type with Wide Ring Standard (RFCha) or Liquid Filled (RFChaG)

T-Info Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

T04-000-003 Flow-Through Pressure Gauge PsP 50-3 FT

T-Info Capsule Gauges for Low Pressure

T06-000-001 Capsule Pressure Gauge KP 144 x 72 –1 Rectangular Case Acc. Cl. 2.5
T06-000-008 Capsule Gauge for Low Pressure KPCh100-3 with Integrated Pressure Transmitter DMU, Model DIGPTM

T-Info Chemical Seals

T07-000-017 Chemical Seal for Food- / Biotechnics- / Pharmaceutical Industry G 1" with Sealing Cone (Metallic Sealing) and Turnable Pressure Screw
T07-000-018 Pressure Measurement for the Application in the Coffee Industry

T-Info Temperature Measuring Instruments

T08-000-020 MT-Machine Glass Thermometers Model TMa
T08-000-024 Thermometer NCS 63 with Reed Switch
T08-000-026 MT-Machine Glass Thermometers Model TMa
T08-000-027 MT-Machine Glass Thermometers Model TMa
T08-000-028 MT-Machine Glass Thermometers Model TMa
T08-000-029 MT-Machine Glass Thermometers Model TMa
T08-000-031 Optimal Design of Gas-actuated and Bimetal Thermometers
T08-000-032 Information Concerning the Dimensioning of Conical Threads

T-Info Limit Switch Contact Assemblies

T09-000-041 Switch Amplifier for Limit Switch Contact Assemblies with Inductive Limit Switch Assemblies KHA6-SH-Ex1 in Safety Switching -Intrinsically Safe-

T-Info Pressure Transmitter

T09-000-017 Pressure Transmitter CTMcFB
T09-000-042 Differential Pressure Transmitter with Piezoresitive Measuring Cell
T09-000-054 Pressure Transmitter DIGPTMHD with Piezoresistive Measuring Cell

T-Info Dead Weight Tester

T10-000-001 Overview of the Masses for all Piston Type Pressure Gauges

T-Info Accessories

T11-000-001 Ball Shock Absorber
T11-000-003 Snubber Adjustable with Lateral Lockable Spindle